Bobevanslistens/survey – Get $4 Off – Bob Evans Survey

Bobevanslistens/survey – The ownership of the Bob Evans restaurant conducts a customer satisfaction survey called Bobevanslistens.


Bobevanslistens/survey – Get $4 Off – Bob Evans Survey

The most essential factor of this survey is that it provides you with information about the preferences of the consumer and a $4 off coupon.

Additionally, Bobevanslisten’s primary goal in conducting this survey is to engage consumers in the management’s desire to enhance the standard of services.

The main goal of Bob Evans Customer survey is to conduct a customer survey. By using this BobEvansListens Survey, you may determine how cultural variations affect the success of multinational corporations.

This whole Bob Evans Feedback Survey is conducted to demonstrate or refute whether or not customers are willing to accept local menu items in addition to the conventional menu items that Bob Evans offers in its numerous locations throughout the world.

A key component of their marketing plan is online surveys. Visit the Bob Evans Listens Survey website at and input the survey code found on the bill to get started.

In addition to asking questions regarding the current menu items of Bob Evans, BobEvansListens also seeks to understand how consumers see the company’s services and the ambiance of its restaurants.

Moreover, the Bob Evans restaurant provides you with a coupon code that may be used in future to receive free meals or another deal on your subsequent visit.


How to Take Bob Evans Survey

First, you need to make a purchase from Bob Evans and properly store the receipt. Next, launch your web browser and navigate to, which is the survey’s official website.

Third, you must input the 20-digit survey code on the receipt after logging in to the survey. The survey must then be completed within three days following the transaction.

Then, we must honestly respond to each and every question on the survey. You must afterwards write down the nine-digit Bob Evans Validation Code after completing the survey.

It is essential to visit the Bob Evans Restaurant with your receipt and the validation code. In the end, this will enable you to get $4 off purchases of $20 or more.


Benefits and Rewards

Customers can receive a Validation Code from Bob Evans when they complete their survey about their dining experience.

It is important to make a purchase at Bob Evans, preserve the receipt, and complete the survey in order to qualify for the offer.


  • The minimum age requirement should be 18 years old or older.
  • A current Bob Evans restaurant cash receipt should also be on hand.
  • Most essential, having a smartphone, laptop, iPad, or tablet would be helpful.
  • Above everything else, you need reliable internet connectivity.
  • English or Spanish proficiency is required.
  • In addition, the consumer has three days from the time of purchase to complete the Bob Evans Restaurant Survey.
  • The cash receipt has to be stored securely until the survey is finished.
  • The cash receipt contains terms and limitations that you must agree with.

About Bob Evans

One of the well-known American restaurant chains is Bob Evans. Bob Evans founded the first location in New Albany, Ohio, in 1948. Most significantly, it may be found in roughly 527 places spread over 18 different US states.

Additionally, Bob Evans started conducting a poll called as Bob Evans Listens to the Customer Satisfaction Survey in order to continually improve its business.

Their primary goal in conducting this survey is to get client feedback and provide them the chance to win $4 off. They also hope to take their business to the next level by listening to customer reviews.



In conclusion, we hope that this post has given you some insight into how to take part in the The data offered is accurate in its entirety.

We appreciate your visit and encourage you to check back again for new and intriguing stories. Visit the official website for further shop and food surveys.

Bobevanslistens/survey FAQ’s

  • What is the mail address of Bob Evans?

Answer- The mailing address of Bob Evans is 8111 Smith’s Mill Road New Albany, Ohio 43054 United States.

  • What are the working hors of Bob Evans?

Answer- The working hours of Bob Evans are from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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